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Why WIX is the best website builder for your brand

Invest in the power of Wix, only with the help of the best i.e., Designs Knack, your go-to website development solution! A trusted leading website builder combines looks with performance to generate countless clicks and convert viewers into potential clients.

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User-friendly Interface

At Wix, you don’t need any coding expertise to design your website. The drag-and-drop interface provides a seamless user experience for visitors. Wix believes in building an informed architecture of the site with well-formatted content for smooth accessibility. The easy-to-follow interface offers stability with effective navigation to the users.

Flexible Design Options

Wix will bring together contemporary and conventional designs via its in-built editor. You can customize everything right according to your choice. With a range of the latest color palettes and graphic techniques Wix will showcase the best yet flexible web design options for your websites.


Wix believes in selling what their customer needs at the price they want. Flexible operations and development offer clients personalized, dynamic services, and bring down the development costs to meet the budget of the client. Check out the customized pricing plans to pick the one that suits you the best.

24/7 Support

Knowing clients well allows us to receive insight to help with their problems. Our Customer support team navigates all aspects of your existing business through Emails, live chat, and phone calls at any hour before, during, and after the completion of the design task. Our community forums and help centers are responsive 24/7.


Wix develops a robust security structure for all websites to minimize risk. It delivers a systematic approach toward website security via free SSL encryption, website backup plans, malware scanning, domain privacy, and secure hosting. Make the most use of a complete uptime guarantee to keep your site consistently visible.

SEO -Friendly

Wix enables the design of highly SEO-optimized websites to let organic growth progress without any additional investment. Through the relevant SEO incorporation, Google is ready to index your website content. Your SEO-friendly website drags more relevant traffic from search engines and turns them into customers.

Powerful Apps and Integrations

Wix integrates web and mobile-friendly applications into your business to connect and upgrade data, present dynamic user interfaces, and automate loads of work to boost productivity. The application design is created to link all digital devices meanwhile multiple integrations result in a responsive website.

E-commerce Capabilities

Wix raises the bar by designing websites with online selling capabilities. Some exclusive features of e-commerce web design include product page design, shopping carts, checkout, and payment processes with built-in shipping facilities. Get your e-commerce website design from scratch only with our expert skills.


Wix helps create a design that can display different versions depending on the device used. Your website would be as clearly visible on smaller Mobile screens as it does on the desktop. Generate a mobile-friendly website with adjustments through Wix to give visitors a better viewing experience.

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