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Wix ECommerce Templates: 20 Easy-to-Edit Designs (2024)

Updated: Jun 10

When running an eCommerce business, the most important thing is having a great website. One that grabs the attention of your viewers instantly and conveys your brand message effectively. As your online presence can make or break your entire brand.

Wix web design and development offer a user-friendly platform to create stunning online stores. With a wide range of customizable templates, Wix makes it easy for entrepreneurs to establish their eCommerce presence.

In this blog post, we will explore 20 easy-to-edit Wix eCommerce templates for 2024, providing you with options to kickstart your online business. You can find templates for a wide range of businesses, so pick one that fits all your needs and start editing.

Table Of Contents:

Easy To Edit Wix E-commerce Templates

1. Template Name: Fashion Boutique

Wix Fashion Boutique template

The Fashion Boutique template is perfect for those in the fashion industry. It features a modern and elegant design with ample space for showcasing your latest collections. The intuitive layout allows you to effortlessly customize product categories, product pages, and the shopping cart experience.

2. Template Name: Organic Market

Organic Market wix template

If you're in the business of organic and sustainable products, the Organic Market template is an excellent choice. This template emphasizes earthy tones and a clean design, reflecting your commitment to natural products. It offers smooth navigation and an optimized checkout process, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

3. Template Name: Gadget Store

Gadget Store Wix Template

For tech enthusiasts and gadget retailers, the Gadget Store template is a perfect fit. Its sleek and futuristic design creates a cutting-edge ambiance for your eCommerce website. This template allows you to feature product specifications, customer reviews, and a user-friendly product comparison feature to help your customers make informed purchasing decisions.

4. Template Name: Home Decor

Home Decor Wix Template

With the Home Decor template, you can showcase your interior design products in a visually stunning manner. This template offers elegant layouts for product galleries, enabling you to highlight the unique features of each item. The integrated blog feature also allows you to share interior design tips and inspiration with your audience.

5. Template Name: Beauty Store

Beauty Store Wix Template

The Beauty Store template caters to those in the cosmetics and skincare industry. Its feminine and glamorous design creates a luxurious shopping experience for your customers. This template includes sections for product details, customer testimonials, and even a booking system for beauty services if needed.

6. Template Name: Sports Gear

Sports Gear Wix Template

For sports equipment and athletic apparel retailers, the Sports Gear template is an excellent choice. Its energetic design and eye-catching color scheme align perfectly with the active lifestyle industry. This template offers robust product filtering options, making it easy for customers to find the exact gear they need.

7. Template Name: Handmade Crafts

Handmade Crafts Wix Template

If you're in the business of selling unique handmade crafts, the Handmade Crafts template is tailored to your needs. It provides a charming and artistic layout to highlight the craftsmanship of your products. The template also includes a section for sharing the stories behind your creations, creating a personal connection with your customers.

8. Template Name: Pet Supplies

Pet Supplies Wix Template

Pet lovers and pet supply businesses can benefit from the Pet Supplies template. Its playful and pet-friendly design creates a welcoming atmosphere for animal enthusiasts. This template allows you to showcase a wide range of products, including pet food, toys, and accessories, with easy navigation and a streamlined checkout process.

9. Template Name: Bookstore

Bookstore Wix Template

For bookshops and online bookstores, the Bookstore template provides a cozy and inviting ambiance. Its clean and organized layout enables you to showcase bestselling books, author profiles, and customer reviews. The template also supports book categorization and search functionality to help customers find their next great read.

10. Template Name: Food Delivery

Food Delivery Wix Template

The Food Delivery template is ideal for restaurants and food delivery services. Its appetizing design allows you to display menus, highlight special offers, and facilitate online ordering seamlessly. This template also integrates with popular food delivery apps, ensuring a smooth and efficient delivery process.

11. Template Name: Jewelry Store

Jewelry Store Wix Template

For jewelry designers and retailers, the Jewelry Store template offers a sophisticated and elegant design. With its stunning product galleries and zoom-in features, you can showcase your exquisite pieces effectively. The template also includes a built-in wishlist feature to help customers save their favorite items.

12. Template Name: Fitness Apparel

Fitness Apparel Wix Template

Fitness enthusiasts and activewear brands will appreciate the Fitness Apparel template. Its dynamic and sporty design perfectly complements the fitness industry. This template offers customizable product grids, size charts, and color options, enabling customers to easily browse and select their preferred workout gear.

13. Template Name: Toy Store

Toy Store Wix Template

The Toy Store template is designed specifically for toy retailers and businesses catering to children. Its playful and colorful design creates a cheerful atmosphere. This template allows you to showcase various toy categories, product details, and even integrate a gift registry for special occasions.

14. Template Name: Electronics Store

Electronics Store Wix Template

For electronics retailers and tech-savvy entrepreneurs, the Electronics Store template provides a sleek and professional look. Its clean design allows you to showcase a wide range of electronic products, complete with detailed specifications and customer reviews. The template also supports product comparisons and accessories recommendations.

15. Template Name: Art Gallery

Art Gallery Wix Template

Artists and art galleries can use the Art Gallery template to showcase and sell their artwork online. Its minimalist and gallery-style design offers a clean backdrop to showcase paintings, sculptures, and other art pieces. This template also allows you to provide detailed descriptions, artist bios, and secure online transactions.

16. Template Name: Wine Shop

Wine Shop Wix Template

The Wine Shop template is perfect for wine sellers and vineyards. Its elegant and sophisticated design reflects the wine industry's allure. This template enables you to highlight different wine varieties, tasting notes, and food pairings. It also includes a newsletter subscription feature to keep customers informed about new releases and promotions.

17. Template Name: Baby Store

Baby Store Wix Template

The Baby Store template caters to businesses specializing in baby products and accessories. Its cute and charming design creates a delightful shopping experience for parents. This template offers sections for showcasing baby essentials, nursery decorations, and a blog to share parenting tips and advice.

18. Template Name: Outdoor Gear

Outdoor Gear Wix Template

For retailers of outdoor equipment and adventure gear, the Outdoor Gear template is a great option. Its rugged and adventurous design sets the right tone for outdoor enthusiasts. This template allows you to showcase different product categories, provide detailed specifications, and highlight customer reviews for each item.

19. Template Name: Health Supplements

Health Supplements Wix Template

The Health Supplements template is designed for businesses in the health and wellness industry. Its clean and professional design communicates trust and reliability. This template allows you to display various health supplements, ingredient lists, and informative content about their benefits. It also includes a subscription feature for recurring orders.

20. Template Name: Home Appliances

Home Appliances Wix Template

The Home Appliances template is suitable for retailers offering household appliances and electronics. Its modern and sleek design aligns well with the home improvement industry. This template enables you to showcase different appliance categories, provide detailed specifications, and offer customer support through a live chat feature.


Creating a successful eCommerce website is made easier with Wix web development and design. The 20 easy-to-edit Wix eCommerce templates for 2024 provide a variety of options for different industries and niches.

By selecting a template that aligns with your business goals and branding, you can build an impressive online store with the most minimal effort. Remember to customize the chosen template to make it unique to your business and optimize it for a seamless shopping experience.


1. Why is an aesthetically-pleasing website crucial for eCommerce businesses?

A captivating website immediately captures visitors' attention and effectively communicates your brand's message. Since your online presence can significantly impact your brand's success, a great website is vital.

2. How does Wix make eCommerce web creation more accessible?

Wix provides an easy-to-use platform for web design and development. With an extensive range of customizable templates, entrepreneurs can effortlessly establish their online stores, even without any prior coding experience.

3. How can I choose the right template for my business niche?

Wix offers tailored templates for various industries which makes it ten times more easier to choose the right template for any business niche. For instance, "Organic Market" suits sustainable products, "Gadget Store" is perfect for tech enthusiasts, and "Fitness Apparel" caters to the fitness industry.

4. What makes the "Health Supplements" template suitable for wellness businesses?

The "Health Supplements" template boasts a clean and professional design, fostering trust. It lets you display supplements, ingredients, and informative content, along with a subscription feature for recurring orders.

5. Can these templates be customized beyond their design?

Absolutely, Wix's templates are highly customizable. You can adapt layouts, colors, product categories, and more, ensuring the chosen template aligns perfectly with your brand identity and customer needs.

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